About Us

InnoBay Technologies Pte. Ltd. was established with the aim of providing high quality & cost-effective engineering solutions & tools to the following industries:

• Offshore (Oil & Gas) and Marine

• Refining, Petrochemical & Chemical

• Power Generation

• Microelectronics

• Research & Education

Our business philosophy centers around our pursue of providing reliable products and services besides excellent after-sales supports. Along with strong business ethics and integrity, we strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

With the strong support from our various principals, each having long experience and strong expertise in their fields, InnoBay Technologies strives to be one of the leading suppliers of its genre of products and solutions to our clients in South-East Asia.


We know that employees who believe in the work they do operate more efficiently, independently and innovatively. We therefore aspire to be a working environment where our team members are entrepreneurial innovators empowered and inspired by the work they do to add quality and value to the services we offer our clients; a workplace that promotes creativity, efficiency and originality.

The company name InnoBay reflects an environment with these values of empowerment and inspiration for our employees besides our offering of progressive, high-quality services and products for our customers.

Our logo, both the infinity as well as the yin-yang symbols, reflects our resolve to have long-lasting and harmonious relationships with our business partners, employees and clients by offering a wide range of quality services that add value and promote growth amongst these various stakeholders. The letters “i” and “b”, initials of the company name, are also found in the symbol.

Our corporate colour of #f5993d signifies our desire to work with our stakeholders and serve our clients with enthusiasm and warmth; while grey signifies our steely reliability and professionalism.

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